Our European Trip: Paris Tips

Before we see if all roads lead to Rome on our next post, here are some tips to streamline your trip to Paris!

Paris Museum Pass
With this pass, you can visit the Louvre, Versailles Palace, Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame, the Rodin Museum and more. Buying individual tickets for each of these attractions can cost twice as much, so the pass is a great cost savings. Having the pass also lets you skip the ticket line at both Versailles and the Louvre.

Free museum admission
All national museums are free admission on the first Sunday of every month. If you happen to visit this day, be aware of potentially large crowds and long lines.

Emergency Phone Number
The emergency number isn’t 911, it’s 112.

Expect to pay between €25 – €40 ($30 – $50) for dinner at a nice restaurant including wine. You can also save money by purchasing your own food; there are many bread, cheese, markets and meat shops throughout the city. Pre-made sandwiches from the city’s takeaway shops, crepes, or fast food generally costs between €6 – €10 ($7 – $12).

The Paris public transport system is one of the world’s most comprehensive and efficient. Every other block has a tube (subway) stop. A single-use metro/bus ticket costs €1.90 EUR, €2 if you buy it on the bus (about $2.30). A “carnet” of 10 single-use tickets costs about €14.50 (about $17) or you can get a day pass for all modes of public transportation (bus, metro, trams, and suburban trains called the RER) for around €11.65 ($13.75). The day pass, called ParisVisite, also gives you discounts to some major Parisian landmarks. You can buy tickets at any metro station. (Note: There are cheaper day passes available if you are under 26, as well as discounted prices on weekends and holidays, but they are only explained on the French website. If you can speak passable French, and are under 26, you can ask for those reduced fares instead.) And remember to check before your trip to see if it’s a free public transportation weekend!


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