Our European Trip: Rome… If You Want To

On the morning of March 18th, we finally arrived in downtown Rome, NY. There was a fresh layer of snow over the town and snowdrifts gently covered the sidewalks. One of my favorite details of the town was that the city square is on Floyd Avenue; Rome, GA is in Floyd County. It’s destiny!

Since Georgia has had a handful of blizzards over the past 30 years, we were eager to play in the snow and capture the late winter wonderland! You definitely don’t want to get 2 southerners in a snowball fight; there’s a lot of pent up anticipation!

We couldn’t stay in Rome too long since we had an appointment a few hours later to tour ESPN Headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut (it helps to work in the media field). During our brief time in Rome, we explored Veterans Memorial Park, had an epic snowball fight, grabbed a bite at Subway, bought the local paper and took pictures on the snowdrifts.

To prove how high the snow was to everyone back home, Joel photographed me holding on to the “Rome, NY” sign while trying not to fall through the snow… for a 2nd time. Guess I’m not much of a snow bunny!

After the pictures were captured and the sandwiches were devoured, we were back on the road to visit The Worldwide Leader in Sports in picturesque Bristol, CT.


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